Thursday, March 18, 2010

USBConnect Mercury Antenna Jack

The USBConnect Mercury antenna jack s very fragile and extreme caution must be used when connecting an external antenna to this device.

Sprint Overdrive Power Button Issues

We have received several reports of customers unable to power On/Off their Overdrive. 
Power button is not responsive making it difficult to work with.


CradlePoint MBR series USB ports

Cradlepoint router USB ports can only be used for data cards and for router firmware upgrading over flash drive, they cannot be used to connect a computer, external hard drive or printer. TX

CradlePoint WAN Ethernet Ports-Will they work with your DSL or Cable Modem???

Have heard several complaints where a standard Cable or DSL modem will just not work when connecting to a CradlePoint Router (Any Model)  Funny how a simple 3rd Party router does not have these same problems!@#$%


CradlePoint Wireless Adapters

Cradlepoint's Wireless N USB adapter software cannot be disabled to allow Windows WZC to be used as the connection manager. TX